If your application for an EU residence document has been refused, if you have been notified of termination of your right of residence or if you have otherwise not been granted an application you have submitted, you can appeal against the decision made by the State Administration.

Please send your appeal to:

e-mail address


Statsforvaltningen (the State Administration)
Storetorv 10
6200 Aabenraa

We will then look at whether your appeal includes information that means that we need to process your application again, i.e. reopen your case. If we do not reopen your case, we will send your appeal and all your documentation to the Danish Immigration Service who will process your appeal.

If you appeal against a decision within seven days of being notified of the decision, you are entitled – if you are already residing in Denmark – to remain in Denmark until the appeal has been processed.

This guide on your options for appealing against a decision etc. will also be included in your decision.







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