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Termination of your right of residence


  • If the conditions on which the issue of your EU residence document is based are no longer met, the State Administration may decide that your right of residence has terminated.

Examples of situations that may lead to termination of residence are listed below:  

You have been an employee, but are now unemployed after you

  • yourself terminated your employment or caused your termination of employment
  • have had a temporary employment contract which has now expired
  • have not registered with a job centre as a job seeker immediately after having stopped work or you have not remained registered

You have been a student at an educational establishment which is recognised or financed by the public sector, but have now

  • dropped out of your course
  • completed your course 


You have residence as a self-supporting person (person with sufficient funds), but

  • you are no longer able to support yourself
  • the person who assumed responsibility for supporting you cannot or is no longer willing to support you 

You have residence as a family member and

  • your family member is no longer an employee
  • your family member can no longer support you
  • you have divorced the spouse with whom you applied for family reunification
  • you no longer live with the cohabitant with whom you applied for family reunification  


If your basis for residence changes, you must apply for a new EU residence document from the State Administration.

If you have been granted permanent residence in Denmark, your residence will usually only terminate if you leave Denmark for more than two years. 

The State Administration may – either at your request or on the basis of information from e.g. another government authority – verify that you still meet the requirements for your residence in Denmark. The State Administration will always make a detailed and individual assessment of your case and you will always be given the opportunity to submit your comments before a decision on your right of residence is made.






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