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Appeals against decisions under the Building Act


Which appeals may be heard?

The State Administration deals with appeals in relating to decisions made by local authorities under the Building Act, e.g. planning permissions, refusals of planning permission, prohibition and enforcement notices. 

The State Administration only deals with appeals that concern legal issues, i.e. issues relating to the interpretation of the Building Act and to whether the local authority is in compliance with rules under public law such as the Public Administration Act. 

If the local authority is entitled to exercise a certain discretion, i.e. if the local authority had a choice of several correct decisions, we can only decide whether the decision in question falls within the applicable legal provisions. 

We cannot overrule a decision just because we find that in the given circumstances the local authority ought to have taken a different decision. 

Time limits for appeals

Appeals must be submitted within four weeks from the date of receipt of the local authority's decision. Appeals submitted after this deadline cannot be heard. 

Appeals must reach us within office hours on the last day of the four-week deadline. If the last day of the four-week period is a Saturday, a Sunday or an official holiday, the time limit will be extended to the following working day.

For neighbours who have not been informed of a decision, the time limit is calculated from the date on which they became aware of the decision. 

Further information

Sections 23 and 24 of the Building Act contain further information on the rules applicable to the State Administration procedure.

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