Sufficient funds (self-supporting)

If you are applying for an EU residence document on the basis that you are self-supporting, you will need to document that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and any members of your family to prove that you are unlikely to have to resort to public funds. These funds must at a minimum correspond to the sum of the benefits to which you would be entitled pursuant to Section 25, sub-section 12, and Section 34 of the Active Social Policy Act.

You are also able to apply for an EU residence document on the basis of someone else being able and assuming responsibility for supporting you. The person supporting you must complete a declaration of support and attend in person with you at the State Administration when you submit your application. If the person supporting you is unable to attend in person, e.g. because he or she is not in Denmark, a notary must certify the signature and identity of the person assuming responsibility for supporting you on the declaration of support.

Proof of sufficient funds may include, e.g.:

  • Your bank statements or bank statements of the person supporting you (bank and ownership must be stated and the print-out must be no older than 14 days when received by the State Administration)
  • Early retirement or retirement pension from home country
  • Employer declaration and/or verified employment contract (max. 30 days old) from the employer of the person supporting you
  • Declaration of sufficient funds – when another person assumes responsibility for supporting you, he/she must complete this declaration

Remember to read about how to submit the application for your EU residence document and what to submit in addition to the above documentation for your basis for residence on the application and documentation page.








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