Family member

If you are applying for an EU residence document on the basis of being a family member of an EU/EEA national (main person), you may submit the following:

  • The main person’s registration certificate if the main person is already living in Denmark
  • Proof of the main person’s current basis for residence (work, funds etc.)
  • Proof that you have the applicable family relation to the main person (marriage certificate, birth certificate, christening/name certificate etc.). Find out more about legalisation and apostille authentication of foreign certificates here
  • Declaration by the main person that he/she is living in Denmark (Appendix B.1 to the OD1 application form to be completed and signed)
  • If you are married to, the registered partner of or cohabiting with the main person: Declaration from both of you that the relationship is genuine and has not been entered into solely for the purpose of achieving a basis for residence (Appendix B.2 of the OD1 application form to be completed and signed)   

Read more about family members as defined by EU law in Section 2 of the Executive Order On EU Residence. Link to the Order on the Want to know more? page.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that special rules, conditions and application procedures apply to family reunification if you are the family member of a Danish national who has been living in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. Find out more here

Information about children not accompanied by both parents
If you are applying for an EU residence document on behalf of your child when the child’s other parent will not be moving to Denmark, you must in addition to proving your relationship with the child either prove that you have full custody of the child in the form of a valid decision regarding parental custody or that the other parent consents to the move.

Consent can be given by the other parent either verbally to the State Administration by the parent attending in person with you and the child and identifying him/herself or by providing written consent to a notary. You must then submit the consent when you and the child attend the State Administration in person. If the consent is not in Danish, English or German, it must be translated into one of these languages by a certified translator after it has been authenticated by a notary.

Remember to read about how to submit the application for your EU residence document and what to submit in addition to the above documentation for your basis for residence on the application and documentation page.








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