Nordic nationals


 If you are a national of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, you are exempt from applying for an EU residence document because, as a Nordic national, you are entitled to live in Denmark without having to obtain permission.

You are able to go directly to the Citizen Service in the local authority in which you live to obtain a CPR number and health card etc. without needing a residence document from the State Administration.

In certain cases, nationals of the Nordic countries will need an EU residence document.

This may be because you wish to apply for family reunification with a family member who is not an EU/EEA national. The family member may also be an EU/EEA national who does not meet the requirements for independent basis for residence.

Nationals of the Nordic countries may also need an EU residence document if they wish to purchase property in Denmark.

If you are a national of one of the Nordic countries and you need an EU residence document, you must apply for this from the State Administration in the same way as any other EU/EEA national as described on this website.






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