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Information about how The Danish State Administration process your application

When we have received an application with a marriage declaration for the purpose of getting married in either Denmark or outside of Denmark, we start by checking whether you have paid the correct administration fee. We also check if the application includes all the necessary information and the relevant documents in order for us to continue to process your application.

We will contact you or your partner if the administration fee has not been paid, or if we need more information in order to process your application.

If a third party has applied on your behalf, we will contact him/her if there is missing information and/or documents regarding your application.

What kind of information do we need?

If you want to get married in Denmark, you must to meet the Danish marriage criteria. Therefore, a foreigner who wishes to get married in Denmark must meet the Danish marriage criteria, even though the requirements in the foreigner's home country may differ from the Danish marriage criteria.

Both of you will also have to meet the criteria for legal residence in Denmark.

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The Danish State Administration must check whether you meet the criteria. If so, a Certificate of Marital Status will be issued, and you can get married in Denmark.

If you need a Marriage Certificate in order to get married outside of Denmark you need to meet the conditions in The Danish Formation and Dissolution of Marriage Act before we can issue the certificate to you.

We can, however, disregard the requirement that you must be able to enter and reside legally in Denmark.

If you meet the conditions we will send the Marriage Certificate directly to you.

General marriage criteria

You must meet the following requirements if you want to get married in Denmark. Both applicants have to be over 18 years and cannot already be married. You are not allowed to enter into a marriage with a close relative.

If one or both of you have been married before, the previous marriage must have officially ended before you can get married to a new partner.

Regarding the abovementioned, you have to inform us if you or your partner has been married before.

In the application form we will ask for a Certificate of No Impediment ("civilstandsattest”) from your home country, to document your marital status. If you have only lived briefly in your current country of residence, we may ask for a Certificate of No Impediment from other countries you have previously lived in.

If your current country or other countries that you have had residence in do not issue a Certificate of No Impediment, we kindly ask you to indicate it in the application form.

If you have a Danish CPR no., you do not need to document your marital status for the period living in Denmark.

If you have been married before we will also need relevant documentation proving that your previous marriage has ended. For example a decree absolute/final order, a death certificate or a declaration of nullity.

If your previous marriage ended in Denmark, you will not have to send the abovementioned documentation to us.


The ban on pro forma marriages

According to Danish law, convenience marriages are prohibited from 1 January 2019.

This means that you cannot marry if there are definite reasons to assume that the primary aim of the marriage is to obtain a residency right in Denmark or in a member state of the European Union, a state within the European Economic Area or in Switzerland.

We therefore ask you some personal questions regarding your relationship, e.g. if you have children together, if you are living together or previously have lived together, etc. 

Specific requirements for documents

Please note, that there may be particular requirements for the documents you must submit when you send us your application, e.g. a legalisation or an Apostille endorsement.

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How long does it take for us to process your application?

When you have submitted your application and paid the administration fee, we can process your application.

If we have received all the necessary information and the relevant documents, we will process your application within five business days and send the Certificate of Marital Status to the municipality/church/recognised religious community indicated in the application form.

If the application is submitted with the purpose of getting married outside Denmark we will send the Marriage Certificate directly to you.

In a situation where we have to get further information from you, or some documents are missing, we will contact you within five business days.

If a third party represents you, we will contact the person who is representing you.

In some situations, we will ask you to send us original documents, e.g. when we cannot read the documents that you have sent to us.

We may also ask you to come in for an interview, if we believe there is a necessary reason for it.

If we need to obtain any additional information and/or documents, or if there are any other issues we need to investigate in order to process your application, we cannot state when you can expect your application to be finalized.

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