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Statement regarding knowledge of the Aliens Act’s rules concerning family reunification

In cases where one of the parties does not have Danish citizenship, a citizenship in one of the Nordic countries or a residence permit according to the Aliens Act §§ 7-9 f or 9 i-9 n, and where the other part has residence or such residence permit, marriage may not be contracted without either party has declared to be familiar with the provisions of the Aliens Act § 9 (1), point 1, points 2-14 and 30.

It shall not apply, however, where the resident is either EU/EEA resident with permit according to the Aliens Act § 6, cf. § 2, (4), or a Swiss resident with residence permit according to the Aliens Act § 6, cf. § 2 (5).

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Power of attorney

You can appoint a proxy to others helping you submit the application for a certificate of marital status in order to get married in Denmark.

You can give a written proxy to a person you want to help you apply. It can for example be someone from your family or a professional specialist. 

You can appoint a proxy to anyone at any time during the proceedings. 

How to hand in the Power of attorney

You must hand in the power of attorney signed with an original signature from both you and your partner. You can for example send the power of attorney to us in a letter or attach it in the digital self-service. 

A Power of attorney means that the person who holds a power of attorney can hand in the application on your behalf and obtains all your rights in the case. The person, who holds the power of attorney is also called a trustee and represents you in connection with the process of your application. 

If you have questions, comments or other related issues regarding your application you need to address your trustee. It is the trustee who has is responsible for communicating with us.  

All letters, information, questions etc. will only be sent to the trustee. It is therefore important to maintain close liaison with your trustee.

Remember the signature

Always sign your power of attorney before you hand it in. The power of attorney must contain a date. 

Fill out a power of attorney here

What impact does it have on your economic relationship, when you get married?

Information regarding the impact on the economic relationship of spouses can be found in the pamphlet Når I skal giftes - husk økonomien

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